Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the hands of the elephant man

my body is freaking out.

this year i have been plagued by allergies.  it started with hayfeverish symptoms.  watery eyes.  compulsive sneezing.  a general feeling of ill health and misery.

now i am breaking into hives.  the first one i got i thought was a spider bite.  my foot swelled up.  now, i think that it might be mosquitoes.  my hands have swelled.  anywhere i get bitten, it swells.  like really painful swelling.  it hurts my joints.

it's so bad that my mother, the least indulgent of my hypochondriac tendencies of anyone, insisted that i go to the doctor.  which i did.  but the doctor seemed really dismissive, as if i was just there because if a bug bite.

i tried to explain that the real reason i was there was not because of the immediate reaction, but because the reaction was so severe and that in some cases it can keep getting worse and eventually lead to anaphylaxis.  i recognize that this is rare, but it is a possibility.  she basically treated me like i was a hysteric.  

it mostly just scared me.  and made me feel really, really alone.

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