Wednesday, September 21, 2011

shirking, yes. satisficing, never.

i woke up today with every intention of really studying for exams.  and i may still do that.  i need to do that.  but here are some other things i must do today:

go to the bank...go to sephora...get my eyebrows done...get my nails did...go to LA...see a guy about a tattoo...see my something, at some point...

you might be thinking that some of these things are more essential than others.  like that studying for exams is more crucial than getting my nails done.  not so.  all of these things contribute directly to my sense of self.

if i could pick, i would stay in my house all day and read about game theory and think about my dissertation.  but...before i can do things that i like i have to do a whole lotta things that i don't like.  i wish i could just take my exams tomorrow and be done with it.  the waiting is killing me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

oh, technology!

wanna know what i learned today?

i learned that when your voicemail says that your message will be saved for forty days, what it really means is forever.

my friend w. called today and left a message.  while i was checking her message, my analyst called on the other line. so i answered.  but i had started w's message already so to get to it again, i had to listed to alllll of my old messages.  of which there were many.  some of them quite old.

i had no idea.  i had no idea at all that these messages were still out there floating around in space or wherever.

what i also didn't know is how sad it would make me to hear the voice of the other.  it hurt a lot.

and i fucking hate that.  i hate that i feel anything for this...this sociopath.  actually, i'm not convinced that true sociopaths exist.  it's just a convenient and fun label for someone who is, as far as i can tell, completely and utterly devoid of feelings.  they are missing the sensitivity chip.

and i hate it because all these feelings are making me a total bore.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

money can't buy class, but... can buy you corsets and boy toys.  which, in their own ways, equal class.  obviously.  and we all know that there ain't nothin' classier than parlaying your life of leisure into a reality show.  just sayin'

AND i will point out that guys should pay close attention, as this is essentially an instruction manual for how to act.  kind of like what i was trying to do in a couple of classic posts from 2009 (look them up).
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